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General Civil Law
  • Claims regarding any type of non-payments: invoices, promissory notes, exchange letters, bank checks, debt acknowledgements, etc…
  • Civil liability by direct and indirect damages: traffic accidents, wrecks, medical and general negligence
  • Civil contracting

Real Estate Law and Construction Law
  • Real estate transactions and transfer of real estate companies
  • Assets due diligence
  • Works execution contracts
  • Liability regarding the construction agents
  • Urban and rustic lease agreements: contract negotiation and drafting, exercise of all type of actions, including court proceedings
  • Horizontal property: owners communities

Family Law and Inheritance Law
  • Consensual and contentious separations and divorces
  • Separation of de facto unions
  • Paternity and filiations: paternity declarations, claim for maintenance payments, legal custody, care and custody, visitation schedule
  • Wills, compulsory portions to legal heirs, legacies
  • Inheritances
  • Balearic Regional Law